Here at Lifeist, we continue to build upon our lessons learned and scars earned. We are a company that is focused on the bottom line, and the wellbeing and personal growth of our team members and customers. We work together to encourage each other to learn, adapt, communicate honestly and respectfully, work creatively with what we've got, and make a positive impact. The following core values define what is important to us, and collectively guide our decisions and actions:


The integrity of our people is the foundation for an honest, transparent, and dependable company.We say what we mean, and mean what we say.We practice trust, respect, open communication, and candor.

Smash The

We strive to always innovate beyond the status-quo.We are pioneers who learn from our mistakes, embrace the unknown and innovate past the status quo.We seek adventure and explore new possibilities:. Change is never the enemy, stagnation is.

Make Meaningful

Our connection to each other, our customers and the planet guides us.We are purposeful about creating meaningful connections, teamwork and partnerships. We are open minded, we listen sincerely and we practice humility.


Attitude is everything.We are grateful for each other, our lives and the opportunity to positively impact people every day.We take the time to experience, practice and communicate gratitude.

Do More
With Less_

Frugal innovation is a strategy, not a blocker - one that favors creative efficiency and resourcefulness.We like to keep the path to our customer’s happiness as simple as possible and we know that the lean approach often breeds creativity.

Always Be

We are intellectually curious. The unknown doesn’t frighten us and we share knowledge freely to help each other and the company grow.